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Chang Sun
Founder, Senior Graphic Designer

Meet Chang Sun, an accomplished graphic designer with over 20 years of extensive experience in project management. Chang Sun has worked with over a hundred clients, ranging from small startups to renowned big names, crafting eye-catching services and products presentation through both printed materials and websites. He’s a dedicated professional who undertakes design projects from concept to completion, defining project requirements, schedules, and costs as well as interpreting and translating the client’s needs into rough plans.

Chang Sun has a unique creative talent, strong ability, and extensive industry experience, allowing him to research and follow industry changes, evolutions, and best practices, translating requirements into design, which inspires and attracts the target audience. In each design project, Chang Sun creates a plan for the entire graphic design.

Throughout his career, Chang Sun has worked on numerous projects for individuals, institutions, and companies. Notably, he was involved in the design of the 70 Anniversary Brochure, Invitation Card, and New Year Card for the United Nations Development Program Representative Office in China. He has also designed and developed websites for institutions such as AEA U.S. Embassy, Pakistan Embassy College, and Uganda Embassy in Beijing, China. Additionally, Chang has worked on printing materials for Italian Trade Commission, Beijing, and Fairmont, Beijing web design and development. He’s also been instrumental in the website localization, layout design, website development, and maintenance for Lexile, China.

With Chang Sun, you can trust that your graphic design needs would be met with an exceptional level of professionalism, creativity, and precision.